Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ghost of a Cat

Ghost of a Cat

Back in the 1970's when my Parents and 2 brothers and I still lived in University Park in Dallas, TX, our pets were mostly cats. We had a Siamese cat named "Fancy", and believe me the name fit. We had her for several years and she liked to sleep on our beds at night.

She picked up a habit of climbing up a tree onto the garden wall. She would then walk up to the tile roof and jump up on the window ledge and wait there until someone saw her and went to open the window to let her in, especially while we watched TV in the upstairs "Living Room".
One day as my parents and I were driving off to somewhere with the 2 brothers, I happened to glance out the rear window and saw Fancy go down into one of the street drains. It was a cold and snowy day. When we returned to the house later that evening, we waited for Fancy to return. We never saw her again. I think she got killed somewhere down under the streets.
A few days later while I was watching TV in the aforementioned upstairs living room, I sensed something at the window that Fancy used to come in through. I looked but there was nothing there. This happened several more times for several more days. I never saw her but I kept sensing her presence. It got so strong that finally as the presence of Fancy once came to the outside of the window, I opened it and said, "Okay, I hear ya. Come on in."
I was immediately enveloped with a feeling of peace and joy. The incident never happened again, so I felt that Fancy finally did come home. Once she did, she went on to that Other Place. 

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