Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I had a dream three nights ago while staying at the Hampton in Vicksburg, MS.
I was in a hospital walking down a hallway following a nurse as she was doing her rounds.
As we entered a room, the patient within, whose name I picked up as "Cady", had a seizure of some sort and then died.
The Nurse went toward the monitor controls (or whatever you call them) and as she was about to notify that there had been a death on the ward, the patient sat up and looked at her.
His eyes were completely white! Then in this demonic voice, he said, "He's getting what he deserves."
He then vomited blood at her and she fainted.
Then it looked at me and smiled.
I awoke and gestured as if to ward something off.
I have no idea what part of Left Field this came out of,
but I later deduced that the images must have come from something I read here.
"Cady" turned out to be actor Frank Cady who played Sam Drucker on "Green Acres" 
and "Petticoat Junction".
That's who he looked like. Weird, huh?

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  1. You be trade us Scott. I hope your happy where your living now. You sold your house first. You got screwed out of bookoo money!